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¡Bienvenidos a AsíSeHace.net!

AsíSeHace.net is a free website from the Spanish Department at Nottingham High School with lots of interactive exercises to help you learn Spanish. Although this website is specifically designed to help GCSE and A Level students, it would be useful to absolutely anyone learning Spanish.

It’s easy: simply use the navigation bar to the right to guide you through the different topics and exercises. Each exercise displays an icon telling you whether it is a reading or a listening exercise, a game or an exercise with video.

All the links are in Spanish but, if your Spanish is not yet that good, don’t worry! simply hover the cursor over the exercise links or icons to read the instructions in English.

If you are one of my pupils or are interested in the work we do at school, visit our Subject Blog, where you will also find links to other fantastic Spanish resources.

AsíSeHace.net now also offers you the opportunity to shop for all your Spanish essentials such as vocabulary, grammar and text books, Spanish DVDs and CDs and much more in our Amazon Shop.

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